Wednesday, May 28, 2014

You live, you learn then you get loves! lol

Well by now y'all know me and y'all know how I love to take pics of my hair but until I get a better camera the pics are on hold... sort of. So far my bangs reach the top of my bottom lip, I can pull a side strand of my hair clear around to the middle of my face (tip of my nose) and the back of my hair is collar bone length meaning if I lay it on my shoulder in the front it will reach just below my collar bone. I don't really do length checks often, I used to do them once a month and now it's just whenever I feel like it. I almost feel like that diaper commercial, "you live you learn then you get loves" lol, but seriously, you Big Chop, you co-wash, you learn the lingo, try every product and protective style known to man, watch every YouTube blog about natural hair, follow every natural hair page on fb and the net in general, then finally you learn what works for you, you embrace Your hair from it's pattern to it's length, then you learn to love your bad hair days and even how to turn them into good ones... and that's where I'm at, I've learned what works for me and what doesn't. I've discovered that cheap doesn't always mean "not as good as the expensive stuff", in fact I've found budget items that work just as good, if not better than the pricey items found online. 
One thing that hasn't changed is I'm still diligent about moisture and I still drool over the fab flat twist, kinky twist, and braided updo's that I have not mastered yet. 
Also I thought I'd throw in there that this will not be just my hair page anymore, it will be my life page meaning I will probably rant on a bad day (usually only if I don't pray first), gush about new developments in my love life, and blab about boredom in the small town life that is currently mine. I want to be transparent and so I will, from my weight loss journey to the struggle to get my health under control and start a family you'll hear it all... but don't worry I won't get TMI on you. I kind of feel like ppl have gotten so used to clicking like that no one even bothers to comment or start a conversation anymore... feel free to speak up.

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