Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Semi-update and photos

Update and Pics Pics and more Pics! New name for my fb page which means new link! New life also, and new hair! My hair has grown, my curl pattern has changed and so has my routine and my staples of which I have very few now. I am now MARRIED! YAY! I dedicated my life to Christ, and I have a way better understanding of my hair and products! Also I am on a weight loss journey. Follow along and comment whenever on whatever post speaks to you. Thanks to all of my loyal friends, fans, followers of my blog seeing how I haven't posted in quite some time it takes patience to still tag along, so thanks to all of you who do ;-) Below will be some pics and later on today or tomorrow I will post a long blog of updates! I still have the same youtube channel BUT I haven't used it in a while and will be using a different one once I get a worthy camera. First one is me and my husband when we first new we were going to get married, second one is of the first time I flat ironed my hair, the third one is the same day once the shrinkage started to wear off, and the fourth one is the oldest of the four, it's a pic of my and my husband when we were just friends, starting to become best friends.

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