Monday, May 14, 2012

Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Leave-in Conditioner Review

Okay the results are in. This leave-in conditioner works great for tangles. It smells great and has great slippage. My fingers, my wide tooth comb, and even my paddle brush slip right through with my hair with this product applied. This conditioner also keeps your hair wet long enough for those tedious styles that take forever to do; it also makes curls POP! I like to seal my hair with a mixture of EVOO and Coconut oil after detangling with Beautiful Textures Leave-in conditioner. If I remember correctly this product only cost me around $5 at Sally's Beauty Supply. The only draw back to this conditioner is that it doesn't add any shine to the hair. Not that it takes any away or claims to deliver shine. But for what it's worth this is a leave-in that I'm sticking with... well at least for a long while... you know how us product junkies are. I search for what's perfect for my hair type and while this is good it's not perfect. To me the perfect leave-in would detangle, add moisture, make the curls pop, add shine and be light weight while smelling great! If I find one that does all this I'll stop shopping around for a leave-in.

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