Monday, May 7, 2012

Protective Styling... To Twist or Knot to Twist... That is the question

Protective styling is a long and tedious process. No matter how you put it all of the protective styling options that are in the natural hair care "bible" are time consuming and some are very damaging! Straw sets are great looking and long lasting depending on what you use to set them with... on certain types of hair... like natural hair. However when you are transitioning with relaxed hair that has been severely damaged... OMG can you say split ends??? Straw set in particular do more harm than good when it comes to my relaxed ends and it takes FOR-EVER! Bantu Knots are great and very easy to do but they too can be frustrating and time consuming. They don't seem to make the two textures blend when trying to sport a knot-out. Flat twist... this one is like cornrowing or french braiding if you ask me, fine for the skilled hand but if you cannot braid then flat twist will look raggedy and be almost pointless if you're trying to look good. Two strand twist... now I can definitely dig those! I love two strand twist, block braids and plaits. Easy breezy transition girl! lol. So when it comes to knots, twists or any other protective style I'm almost at a point where my response is "I'll Pass". They say the point of protective styling is to protect the hair from elements and to protect the ends from themselves therefore protecting them from tangling... IF that is the case then I will try a few more things such as flex rods and tucks and buns and rolls but eventually I will end up making my own "protective style" no doubt. So for real if you find what works for you aka the gander, then stick with that instead of mimicking the goose. The question is, to twist or knot (not) to twist? for pics of my journey from beginning to end check out

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