Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Breaking All The Rules

Have you ever found yourself using "taboo" items or products with "bad" ingredients? I do all the time, and as much knowledge as there is floating around on haircare and products you'd think we as naturals never make a mistake. I am not only a product junkie I'm also a hair blog/website junkie. I find myself checking out every book, blog and article available. I read and watch and listen on a daily basis... yet I still stick to my own rules. I use pantene conditioners that have ingredients that are "frowned upon" by the natural haircare world. I made my own leave in and it has none of the usual things in it and all of the unusual things in it. I have never used most popular product lines nor have I tried all of the latest fads like apple cider vinegar rinses or honey masks but that doesn't mean that I won't. I don't have a regimen (although I should because routine is good for haircare) and I'm working on that. I will keep doing me and doing what works best for me and not what everyone else is doing. I will try the products I am interested in and not the ones that everyone else raves about.  Next month I'll be trying the Qhemet Biologics line, not because it's a trend or a fad (and as far as I know it's not) but because I am a Ayurvedic loyalist! I believe in it like it was the bible. and Qhemet Biologics have all the Ayurvedic oils and properties that I love!!! Also on my list in the coming months are the rest of the beautiful textures line, Afroveda products and Original Moxie along with Oyin handmade products. Now I know that most ppl on youtube have already tried and reviewed these things but I'm going to try them anyway seeing how I am transitioning and only a few months away from my big chop and still finding out what works for my hair. I figure while I'm on the hunt for what works well for me I'll share the wealth of my experience with the general public so stay tuned.

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