Thursday, June 28, 2012

Breaking the Rules Pt. 2

So I broke the rules again and guess what, my hair didn't fall out or stop grwing or jump off my head and run. But seriously I think that there are too many "hair police" rejects out there judging everything someone else does to or puts in their hair. I mean come on, if you chose to put nothing but all natural ingredients in your hair then that's good for YOU but don't judge others who don't do the same.
I dyed my hair with real dye because... well lets just say my only source is online and I'm not paying over $14 in shipping cost for something that only cost $1.95 to begin with. The dye didn't damage my hair anymore than it already was. It did take quite well... too well in fact. My hair instead of turning red turned carrot orange. so I used this product to strip the dye down to a darker color. Yep you read that correctly, the Curls Unleashed Take Command Curl Defining Cream Strips Dye. I had used my Sulfate shampoo at least twice to try to take some of the dye away but nothing happened. BUT then I remember that when I dyed my hair starry night black back in the day all it took was styling my hair with that product and rinsing it out the next day to not only strip my dye but also made my relaxed ends a coppery color. YIKES! so I figured that product was a waste of money because I didn't want it to strip my dye or make my hair hard and brittle but it did. The ingredient list alone is eye popping and not in a good way. Anyway I dyed my hair and stripped it on purpose this time and I styled it with products with taboo ingredients in them and my hair turned out just fine. Follow my next blog to see what products I used & how it turned out.

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