Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Frizz Frizz and More Frizz

Ever have frizz that just won't quit? Well frizz is inevitable with textured hair. While it can be remedied with simple tips and tricks like using products that aren't humectants, finding an anti frizz "serum" that works for your hair, even protein or keratin containing products that smooth the hair will help tremendously (I would never recommend keratin straightening systems as they contain many harsh chemicals). While frizz is normal there are times that frizz is a warning sign. Frizz that occurs on a single two strand twist can simply be that some of the hair ends in different places or it could be a sign of breakage.  A true sign of breakage is frizz at the scalp area. If you are transitioning and your hair is long and normally tamed at length but frizzy at the scalp or root area, it may not be frizz at all, it may be that your hair has broken at the line of demarcation. When transitioning a lot of us come to the decision not as a fad or bandwagon move but more of a low budget or forced by "hair damage" move of desperation or more of just being tired of the same old same old; so for that portion of us we are not immediately aware of the terminology or the wealth of knowledge afforded to us through youtube, blogspot and various other sources, many of us will make lots of mistakes. Some of those mistakes will lead to breakage and damage. There are many ways to avoid this kind of breakage or at least keep it to a minimum, just keep a watchful eye out for the warning signs.

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