Thursday, October 25, 2012

Product Review for KBN (Koils by Nature) Ultra-Moisturizing CocoAloe Deep Conditioner

Recently I purchased Koils by Nature Moisturizing Shaeloe leave-in conditioner and the results were... well bad for lack of better words. However they happen to send me a sample of their CocoAloe Deep Conditioner and I FELL IN LOVE! There were 3 reasons I loved this product instantly. 1. This product did right what the previous two did wrong. 2. There was SLIP for days! 3. It moisturized my hair so well that I didn't need to re-condition at all after my henna treatment which on a normal basis I need to condition over night and then some after an herbal treatment, this time there was no need for that. If you didn't know before you know now that I am a Slip-a-holic! If it has slip then I want it! I have very coily, curly, springy hair and the ends get tangled very easily; also I'm not big on protective styling, I like my fro "Wild and Free" just like me! I can't say I loved the ingredients because the sample sized bottle they sent me didn't have the ingredients listed on it and I didn't rush on over to the website to find out what they were. My philosophy is if it works use it and if I haven't tried it then it's new to me. I didn't take any pics as it was pretty late in the evening when this happened but I do have a video where you can clearly see my surprise when coming through my hair with the CocoAloe Deep Conditioner. This video is all over the place as in unorganized and is random but I had fun making it anyway and I hope you enjoy watching it.

Two days after using the sample sized deep conditioner I ordered the full size bottle for $18.00 from the KBN website. To purchase go to Koils by Nature Ultra-Moisturizing CocoAloe Deep Conditioner

This deep conditioner is now a STAPLE so if we were playing a game of Love it or Leave it, I would definitely have to say LOVE IT!

My initial reaction to KBN Ultra-Moisturizing CocoAloe Deep Conditioner

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