Wednesday, August 29, 2012

AfroVeda Sweet Roots Collection Product Review

I recently received/purchased the Sweet Roots collection from AfroVeda as I am into Ayurveda and was attempting to find a good Moisturizer. 

I washed my hair with Dr. Hoting's Thickening Solutions Cell-U-Plex Revitalizing Shampoo to clarify it. I wanted my hair free of all other oils and products before trying a new product.

 I towel blotted my hair to absorb some of the water and while it was still damp I applied the Licorice and Marshmallow Leave-In Moisturizer to my entire head and combed through as instructed.

 Price: $21 for the sample set of 3 products

Product:AfroVeda Sweet Roots Leave-In Moisturizer

Product Claims: Stops breakage and dry frizzy hair. 
Actual Performance: You all know that it takes a lot to impress me with hair care, but even doing what the product says it will do goes a long way in my book. With this product I was disappointed... The texture was like cheap lotion. It didn't leave my hair dry but it didn't deliver enough moisture to actually last beyond the point of application. My hair was frizzy and looked as if I had blown it out. My curls in the front were non-existent once the product dried.

Scent: I'm a huge fan of smell as long as it smells good. This product smells very strange and medicinal. I didn't like the scent at all, as a matter of fact I found myself wanting to apply something else to cover the smell but I chose not to.

Product: Sweet Roots Licorice and Marshmallow Hair Control Style & Control Hair Sculpting Wax

Claims: This product makes no special claims so I expected it to live up to it's name (sculpting wax)

Performance: It didn't perform as a wax would at all. I applied it to my edges to lay them down and to the front of my hair to lay it down and it did nothing special. My edges ignored the product as if I'd never put it on. The product looked like it would have some kind of hold to it but once I applied a little pressure to the surface of it my finger sank into it like a tub of butter. The texture was very soft and yielding. This product did not live up to my expectations in the least, but it wasn't horrible. Much like the moisturizer it smelled strange and almost unpleasant.

Product Sweet Roots Licorice and Marshmallow Liquid Curling Spray

Claims: Molds, Sculpts and Shapes Curls and Waves, making it the perfect styling tool for enhancing texturized styles. Will not leave hair crisp or flaky and will nourish the scalp for healthy, hydrated hair.

Performance & How I Used the Product: I spritzed the spray onto my hair as a finishing spray and at first I was impressed but when my hair was dry the curl pattern was non-existent in most of my head and the few curls that remained were not molded, shaped or hydrated. The smell of this product was similar to the other two but a little more tolerable. I tried using it as a curl refresher spray the next morning and was a little surprised when it actually added a little shine to my strands, but the buck stopped there.

Overall Personal Opinion: I don't like the products enough to ever purchase them again but I don't dislike them enough to sell them or give them away. I will use the product but once it's gone that will be the end of the sweet roots legacy in my regimen.

NOTE: I did not list the ingredients as they can be found on the website for those of you interested. This review is just my PERSONAL experience and opinion of the product and is not intended to dictate what your experience may or may not be like should you choose to try the products listed for yourself.

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