Saturday, July 21, 2012

Finding Your Curl Pattern

How exciting is it to wake up one morning and discover that your new growth is no longer just textured hair? I mean like a full transformation seemingly overnight? I'm talking about that all important moment when your curl pattern emerges. There are several things that can lead to this discovery; one is having grown your hair out long enough to actually see the pattern, another is washing your hair and seeing the pattern during the conditioning phase of wash day, and last but not least is discovering a product that makes your curl "POP"! I've done all three and they happened almost simultaneously. One day a week ago I noticed the crinkle of my new growth, one day later during wash day I noticed the waves having more definition and starting to coil while conditioning my hair... Well the big moment happened just last night when I made flax seed gel for the first time. I put the gel on my hair and when I say IMMEDIATELY I do mean IMMEDIATELY! I immediately saw my hair curl up like baby hair when I applied the gel. I mean I have it all from coils, to ringlets to deep waves with curls at the ends, who knew! lol  I couldn't be happier or more surprised and in awe of the beauty of my natural hair. Every day I discover a new high in this journey and it makes me forget any and all regrets that I may have had early on in my transitioning process.
Unfortunately my camera is on the fritz so instead of showing you my curl pattern I'm just going to throw in a pic of various curl patterns.

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