Thursday, August 2, 2012


I first read about ayurvedic treatment for hair on Luv My Kynxx blog. I was reading about henna and happened to find out about other Indian Ayurvedic herbs that bring forth health in the hair and on the skin. As I type I am currently sitting with a mixture of those herbs on my head under a plastic cap. I am doing a strengthening and conditioning treatment called "Sukesh Ayurveda" from Henna Sooq. This is my first time ever trying anything ayurvedic. I ordered the Sukesh treatment from them along with a sample of their Cocoveda hair oil, Cocoveda Shampoo Bar and their Sweet Mimosa Butter. My next blog will be a review of at least one or all of these. I can tell you already that I love the scent of the Sukesh; it smells herbal and earthy... almost like fresh picked green tea leaves. I mixed it with warm water and acv (apple cider vinegar). I think next time I'll skip the acv because as much as I like the was it makes my curls pop, I absolutely despise the smell. I will follow the Sukesh with a wash with the cocoveda shampoo bar, followed by a seal with the cocoveda hair oil. Tomorrow for my usual wash 'n go I will co-wash with my favorite conditioner by Pantene then I will style with the Sweet Mimosa Butter. Stay tuned for the next post.

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