Friday, August 17, 2012

Product Review for... (Drum Roll Please)

Lets Jam! Styling Custard

Today I purchased Lets Jam! Styling Custard to see what all of the youtube fuss was about. I'm not a bandwagon person but curiosity got the best of me. Everyone should know that when trying out a new product hair should be clean of any other products so before trying this product I washed my hair with my usual clarifying shampoo by Dr. Hoting's Thickening Solutions Cell-U-Plex Revitalizing Shampoo with pure plant extracts.

Price: The price was okay, I purchased a 10 oz. jar for only 4 bucks ($4) at my job (Family Dollar), all in all it was a pretty decent amount for the price.
Scent: The smell wasn't anything spectacular or new, the only way to describe it is to say that it smelled like most Lets Jam! products.
Consistency: It had a lot of slip which I hear is good... j/k slip is good but not always. It was creamy, slick and went on easily and absorbed pretty well.
Results: My hair didn't gain or lose any curl definition and there was enough frizz going on that I was slightly disappointed. However once it started to dry, the frizz diminished (just a little) and the curls gained shrinkage which amounted to a little bit of extra definition. 
Overall Opinion: I'm not impressed. I don't love it, I don't hate it. I like it enough to use the rest of it (rather than sell it on Lola's Green Hair but not enough to purchase it again. result photos follow this post and are of my hair when wet with the styling custard freshly applied, they do not include pics of the dried results.

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