Thursday, August 2, 2012

Product Review for Henna Sooq's Cocoveda Shampoo Bar

I recently read about shampoo bars and wanted to try one... well more than one but I thought I'd start with one. If you're into Ayurveda then you know there is a wealth of products out there that will nourish your hair and help maintain the health of every strand but you have to choose wisely because not everything is for everyone. I had to pic and choose my starting products; one of those products was the Cocoveda Shampoo Bar from Henna Sooq. The bar is brown, several colors of brown because it is organic and hand made. The scent took some getting used to. When I first received the bar it had been in the mail truck in the heat long enough that the smell was pretty over powering at first. I refrigerated all of the products until they solidified. After a brief refrigeration the bar's scent was much lighter and the color was a bit darker. The smell was earthy like red dirt with a hint of ginger and coconut.

The ingredients are: Saponified organic high oleic sunflower oil, unrefined cocoa butter, unrefined organic shea butter, organic coconut milk, organic henna (this will not color or change the color of your hair), organic amla, shikakai, bhringraj, bhrami, nagarmotha, ginger essential oil.

I love this product! It takes a while to lather it as it has no sulfates or sud boosters, but once you get it lathered up you will love the feel, the sent, the sensation. It felt wonderful massaging this shampoo into my scalp, I could tell that the ingredients were working on every strand. When I rinsed it out my hair felt a little coated the first time as I had a ton of grease in my hair from greasing my scalp the night before. The second time my hair felt so strong and healthy and thick! My hair was clean but not stripped. My curls had definition and sheen beyond what I'd ever expected from a shampoo bar. This product claims to promote hair health, shine, conditioning, growth and strength and it delivers on the promise every time. This bar is so good for you that it can be used from head to toe (literally) even though I only use it for my hair. I feel that this bar is good enough to be used for both basic washing and co-washing.

The bar is about the size of a regular bar of soap. It is best to cut off a piece of the bar and keep both the piece and the bar away from water and moisture when not in use. The directions say to lather in hands and apply lather to hair and scalp but I like to use the piece directly on my hair to get a better lather.

This is a great shampoo for dry hair and will definitely be in my regimen. I would recommend this to any and everyone looking to try a shampoo bar.

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